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Are you feeling a little scared, burdened, overwhelmed or just confused by everything involved in the home buying process? Well, I want you to know that it's understandable and completely normal to feel that way. At Greg Davis Real Estate, we know that buying a house is a big step!

You're probably wondering about things like, "What is the first step?", "Can I qualify for a home loan?", "How long will the process take?", or countless other questions or concerns and this is where we can help.

My family has been in real estate for over 90 years and I've been in real estate for over 18 years myself, so I understand the process and I've picked up a thing or two over the years. Now I'm here to guide you and to share with you the lessons and secrets I've learned over a lifetime that will help take the mystery out of the process so you can purchase your new home too.

Inside of the home buyer seminar, you'll get step by step videos breaking down everything you need to know BEFORE purchasing your new home. There's no cost - just a ton of valuable information, so scroll down to see some of the things I will cover and click the button below to get FREE access to my virtual home buyer's seminar

Get access to our video library showing you step by step how to purchase your new home.

(Please Turn Up The Volume to Hear This Important Information)

(Please Turn Up The Volume to Hear This Important Information)

Here's a sneak-peak of videos inside of the seller seminar

Thinking About Buying?

"Are you thinking about buying a home but you don't know where to start?"

What to Expect When Buying a Home

"Purchasing a home is most likely going to be one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime."

Home Buying Process - First Step

"The first step when looking to buy a home is getting qualified for a loan."

Pre-Approval vs


"Why you need an approval rather than just a pre-qualification."

10 Must Not’s When Buying a Home

"Once you find your dream home, we need to make sure you get to move into it."

What are the Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Home?

"Whether you’ve never owned a home before or it’s been a while since you’ve purchased, let's talk about the pros and cons."

How Much Money Do I Need To Purchase a New Home?

"Are you thinking about buying a home but you don't know where to start?"

3 Tips To Get Your Offer Accepted

"Are you competing with other buyers on your dream home or do you want to make sure you’ve got the best chance of getting your offer accepted?"

Offer Has Been Accepted, What’s Next?

"The first step when looking to buy a home is getting qualified for a loan."

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Here's your team that will help you throughout the entire buying & selling process

Greg Davis | Realtor, SRES


Amanda Dougherty | Transaction


Tracey Yaw | Administrative Coordination & Assistance

Listen to what some of our past & current clients are saying

"Greg And His Team Are AWESOME!"

"I was introduced to Greg through a family member and from the very start, he made sure I understood EVERYTHING! I cannot put into words how happy Greg and his team have made my family and how much we appreciate them for all the late nights and hard work! I WILL use them again and recommend them to everyone I know."

- Robert Arnot, Jr.

"We Were Very Impressed By His Background And His Knowledge."

"My wife and I met Greg when I clicked on a listing we wanted to see. At every appointment Greg would provide valuable information and his list of “things to think about”. Greg’s organization, attention to detail, honesty and transparency all played a part in making the transaction pleasant and calm."

- Tony & Rebecca Ioelli


Greg Davis"

"My family needed a home in a matter of months, and he found it! Greg is not your typical Realtor. He has decades of experience in real estate, construction, renovations, and so much more! His experience gave me confidence buying my home and he provided several recommendations for services I needed during and after the home buying process"

- Sandy Royer.


And learn how to purchase a new home, with less stress and less money out of pocket!

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